• This Mum Runs (TMR) is a fast growing community of women on a mission to be happier and healthier.

    Ever looked in the mirror and wondered who that person is staring back at you? Yep, Mum life, as gloriously rewarding as it is, can often make us feel like little bit of us has disappeared.


    Juggling school runs, children’s birthday parties and preparing that report for work, can leave us feeling strung out and bottom of the priority list. The thought of having some quality 'me time' is almost laughable, cos quite frankly we ain’t got the time.


    But listen up Mamas....


    Locking ourselves in the loo for 5 minutes peace with a magazine is not ‘me time’. Neither is popping out to the supermarket on a solo mission.


    So we run. For headspace. To feel as free as a bird for 30 blissful minutes, out in the fresh air with our trainers on.


    We run at the speed of chat. We run for the joy of exploring our cities and towns without a buggy in tow. We run to rediscover our old selves (the one that we used to see in the mirror) and to do something that is Just. For. Us.


    If you’re reading this thinking “Yikes, that’s me!”, then this is exactly why we started our mission! We're a community of like-minded Mamas, a family and a force for good, empowering women to make some time for themselves and get happier and healthier in the process.


    Want to know more? Then unlock the bathroom door, fill in your details below, watch the video to get to know us a little better and let’s make things happen.

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