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    Passion for running and creating supportive and inclusive spaces for the women in our communities is at the heart of being a TMR Run Angel.

    Volunteer with us to make a real difference in the lives of women in your local community.






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  • hear from our run angels

    Read about how our run angels felt after their first runs with tmr & why they decided to join the team

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    Emma Nguyen - Eastville

    "After the run I knew I wanted to belong to a group but there wasn't one local enough for me to get to on foot and I wasn't brave enough to ask for one. Much later those same run angels suggested I should lead a group in my area and I took the plunge. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made."

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    Vicky Braddon - Orpington

    "I am part of a local group of the most amazing women, so supportive, encouraging, compassionate and just down right awesome. I have made friends for life and actually feel like I make a difference which is something I never realised was possible."

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    helen vinitier - Hanham

    "After the run I felt great, running with others was actually much better than I'd ever imagined. I couldn't wait to go again and it soon became the thing I most looked forward to during the week. I'm really proud to be a Run Angel now and love helping women in my area to run and explore our local area."

  • the run angel role


    "there are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is" - kara goucher

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    run angel dna

    TMR Run Angels are the amazing volunteers who lead runs at This Mum Runs and make sure that all community members feel safe, included and motivated on TMR Group Runs.



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    Training & Support

    We've taken all our years of learning and perfecting TMR run practices to make sure Run Angels are able to lead with confidence. We've even gone one step further and put it all into a helpful online course.

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    The run angel Role

    • Leading weekly group runs
    • Be part of teams of 3-4 Run Angels
    • Engage and share in your group
    • Sharing run info and important updates
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    Time & Commitment

    All Run Angels must be able to commit to a min of 1 run a month.

    As you'll be part of a growing team of lead Angels, you'll be able to work in your teams on scheduling to ensure all weekly runs are covered.

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    Team Spirit

    Building teams of Run Angels is key at TMR. This is done to ensure that all runs are covered and so that our Run Angels can volunteer their love and time without it becoming too much to handle alone. We're here for your headspace too!

  • become a tmr Run Angel

    Learn about the role, our training process and how we'll be supporting you every step of the way.


    what's involved

    Find out more about the role, commitment and what you'll need to lead runs for our amazing community members.


    Apply to Lead RUNS

    If you're ready to lead runs for women in your community, apply to become a TMR Run Angel.


    training Process

    If your application is successful, we'll provide you with our online training and support to help you get your wings.