• the run angle role

    "there are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is" - kara goucher

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    TMR Run Angels are the amazing volunteers who lead runs at This Mum Runs and make sure that all community members feel safe, included and motivated on TMR Group Runs.


    You do not need to be a run pro or have been running for years - a cheerleader spirit, passion for supporting members and creating a welcoming and inclusive space is what this role is all about.

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    The run angel Role

    • Leading Runs: Run Angels lead a minimum of 1 run per month
    • Run Angel teams: Teams are made up of 3-4 Angels who rotate weekly to make sure the role is manageable and shared between volunteers
    • Engagement: Run Angels also engage and share their personal run stories in our Facebook groups to motivate and help TMR members know that they aren’t alone - we’re in this together! 
    • Sharing Run info: Run Angels also share important info about runs with the community. All information, best practices for posting and support from our team is provided to make this simple and easy.
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    Training and Support

    We've taken all our years of perfecting TMR run practices and learning from challenges to make sure Run Angels are able to lead with confidence. We've even gone one step further and put it all into an easy to follow online course.


    All Run Angels will also join our Run Angels Forum group where we share information, huddle together, shares tips and support each other as volunteers.

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    Time & Commitment

    All Run Angels must be able to commit to a minimum of 1 run a month.


    Consistency is so key for our members and making sure that they know the community is always there for them. As you'll be part of a growing team of lead Angels, you'll be able to work with your teams on rotas and scheduling so all weekly runs in your community are covered.


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    Team Spirit

    Building teams of Run Angels is absolutely a necessity at This Mum Runs. This is done to ensure that all runs are covered for our precious members but also so that our Run Angels can volunteer their love and time without it becoming too much to handle alone. We're here for your headspace too!


    Runs can only launch once a team of 3-4 Run Angels are trained and in place to lead weekly runs in a community.

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    We're excited to hear from you and how you hope to inspire others!