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  • Our Group Runs

    We inspire thousands of women every week to join our free women only runs.


    We run 52 weeks a year, in rain (often) or shine (rarely). You'll need to feel comfortable running for 30 minutes (and we have longer runs too) but pace doesn't matter and no one will be left behind.


    Not able to run for 30min yet? No Worries! We've got your covered with our Run30 Training program.


    Our Running Ethos

    Escape the stresses and strains of life for a run - 30 minutes (or 45, or 60) of headspace, chat and friendship. We run at the speed of chat, and no-one is left behind - ever!


    All runs are led by our cheery team of Run Angels, with a welcoming hello, routes pre planned and warm ups taken care of.


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    Our TMR Group Runs:
    - Wednesdays at 7:30pm

    - Sundays at 8am


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  • Download our free tmr app

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