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    Be part of making a difference in the lives of women in your local community.

    Community Leaders are the inspiring people who lead our online groups, actively managing these to keep members motivated and engaged, create the space for connection and manage volunteer teams.

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  • community leader stories

    Hear from our Community Leaders and why they stepped up for women in their communities

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    Anna Cowles - Reading

    "I'd followed TMR for a while on Facebook having seen an advert for the hoodies and bought the 'Run Miles Eat Cake' version for myself and my running buddy. The TMR ethos really resonated with me and I wanted to get involved in some way. I filled in the online form to say I was interested in starting a community in Reading and once I understood more about building the community it seemed like something that would be really rewarding and I jumped at the chance."

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    Hannah Holliday - Sheffield

    "Ever since I first heard about TMR I hoped that one day they would come to Sheffield, and I knew that if they did then I would love to be involved. Having got so much out of running myself, particularly after having children, I feel very passionately that it is something that should feel accessible to everyone. I know first-hand what a huge difference it can make to your physical and mental well-being and how important it is to feel that you can take that time for yourself."

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    Learn about the role, our launch process and how we'll be supporting you every step of the way.


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    Find out more about the role, the volunteer commitment and what you'll need to empower women.


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