• the community leader role

    “Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women.” - Maya Angelou




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    Community Leader DNA

    This Mum Runs Community Leaders are women who are passionate about running, mental health & wellbeing and supporting & building an inclusive space for all women.

    You are excited about working as part of a team, engaging members in our online groups and bringing in-person runs to life.


    You believe in the power of community and are here to step up for women in your community who need to find friendship, motivation and support in their journey to be happier & healthier!

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    The CL Role

    • Facebook group Admin: All our communities are on Facebook. The main CL role is to moderate the group, share important updates from HQ and post engaging content to increase member interactions, friendship and support.
    • People organisation: CL’s oversee & support the volunteer Area Coordinators and Run Angels
    • Leading Runs: CL’s also lead 1 run a month as run volunteers
    • Share your run story: No story is too small or too big. You never know who you could inspire by sharing your unique experience!
    • Grow your Community Leader Team: Be open and inclusive about growing a team of CLs who can support each other in this role. 
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    Training and Support

    You don't need to be a social media guru or have run community groups before.

    We have online training, ongoing support and a dedicated communities team to make sure that you are able to thrive at this role!


    All we ask for is for openness and willingness to learn & implement our TMR practices to support communities the TMR way.

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    Time & Commitment

    All Community Leaders must be able to commit a minimum of 6 months from the time they start or launch our communities.


    This is essential for the women in our communities to know that they are supported and cared for and to build sustainable groups that start strong and grow strong!


    A weekly commitment of 2 hours min is needed.

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    Team Spirit

    Team work, active participation in our mission and goals, and bringing your energy and personality to the role are key to joining our team!


    We strive to build teams of 2-3 Community leaders in all our communities. Building teams supports our TMR efforts and momentum better and having a diverse leadership team means that our diverse membership is also supported.

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    We're excited to hear from you and learn how you hope to use your run journey to inspire others