• #RunnerFullStop


    In 2014 Sport England identified "a fear of judgement" as the overarching barrier to exercise for women in the UK.


    #RunnerFullStop is a campaign from This Mum Runs with a very simple aim: to empower more women to believe in themselves.


    Imagine if you stopped worrying what people thought, what you might do?


    We will prove to you that when it comes to running age, size, shape, pace, experience and clothing simply don’t matter. If you run, you ARE a Runner. Full Stop.


  • Why #RunnerFullStop?

    The idea for #RunnerFullStop has grown from hundreds of conversations with women in the This Mum Runs community who when asked: "Do you run?”, almost without fail add a 'but' to their response:


    “Yes I run...


    ...but I’m really slow

    ...but I’m always at the back

    ...but I hold people back

    ...but I haven’t run in weeks

    ...but I wobble everywhere”.

    It has grown out of years of working with thousands of women who have been too scared to start running because they think that people will laugh, that 'white van men' will beep their horns, that they are too unfit, that they don’t know what to wear, that it will ‘be like school PE’.


    Sound familiar?

    We’ve decided that enough is enough. Because running is not about appearances, race times or performance. It should never be about fear of ridicule or worrying what to wear.


    At This Mum Runs running is about time to yourself, headspace, freedom, friendship, community and wellbeing. We believe that running to how you feel because of how it makes you feel is the biggest leveller of all.

    If you put your trainers on, get out the door and run, you’re a Runner. Full Stop.

    We'll be working hard to spread the #RunnerFullStop message and empower women everywhere.


    Working with Bristol poet Beth Calverley, we've showcased the stories of ordinary women who run with a series of short and inspiring films.


    We hope these stories inspire YOU to get your trainers on and run.


  • Introducing Sarah

    A Runner.

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    Every year I would sit to watch Strictly, with a drink in my hand and promise to get fit, but a year would pass and nothing would change. I had all the excuses: I hated gyms, my professional life is stressful and full on I didn’t want to do anything competitive, I’ve no time, I work away a lot.

    We lost four very close friends and family members in 2016 and I was at rock bottom.
    I made myself a promise. To find something for me, that would make me fitter.

    I told my husband, and joined TMR’s coached running courses. I completed the Bristol 10k. My daughter beamed at me. My husband cried with pride.

    Still every time I leave the house, I don’t know if I can do it.

    But every time I do. Sometimes now I even lead TMR runs, to help the old me I see, the one at the back struggling, thinking she cannot do it. We can. We all can.

    Running is where I feel strong, where I focus on my body – not my brain – where I do not have to think, or worry, or answer to anyone or anything. It’s my time.

    I am a Runner, full stop.


  • Introducing Laura

    A Runner.

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    “I’m 55, overweight and have a leaky bladder, but even when young, slim and fit I had no running stamina! I had barely dared run even a few steps in years when I signed up for This Mum Runs on a whim. New to Bristol, I wanted to use the lovely nearby park where the course was and to meet people.


    But I never thought I would get beyond week one or two.


    Once I started running, the recent knock to my confidence took hold. Each run, I felt I could never make it. I was the fattest and the eldest. I was scared I would hold the whole group back.But each time I made it. And even better, I wanted to do it!


    I am still slow but running makes me feel physically and mentally stronger. I’ve made new friends and tightened my bum!


    I never thought I’d say it, but I’m a Runner. Full stop."


  • Introducing Marie

    A Runner.

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    "I restarted running in January 2017 aged 40. 2016 had been an awful year with the threat of homelessness. I felt tired, run down and overwhelmed.


    Running was something I have done on and off over the years. For the first time in a long time it felt difficult getting back into it. I started getting up at 5am to run before work and whilst the kids did activities I would be running around the block.


    My 12 year old asked to join me on runs and we started doing parkrun together. Running has given us quality time which I value.

    I was so proud to train as a Run Angel for This Mum Runs and I now run with a lovely group of local Mums who have become great friends - it's the most incredible community of women of all ages, races and abilities. I am fitter, stronger and more confident because of it. I am proud of what my body can do after having 3 children.


    I am a Runner. Full Stop."


  • Introducing Claire

    A Runner.

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    ““In January 3rd 2016 I downloaded the couch to 5k app. I was overweight (18 stone 5 pounds) and asthmatic, and wanted to lose weight and set a better example to my daughters. I hadn't exercised properly since school and had NEVER run. I grew boobs at age 12 and running wasn't something I was going to do voluntarily in public, especially after the pointing and whispering from the boys at school.

    My daughters came with me on my first ever c25k session and they were so excited and enthusiastic that I knew I had to keep going.

    But something in me changed during those first few months of running as it quickly stopped being about weight loss and fitness - it became about pride, time with my own thoughts and doing it for me.

    I kept a blog (www.chunkyrunner41.com) and I entered races which I regularly came last in. Although I found (find) running hard, it is now an integral part of the whole family’s life and is something I need to do. Last year I ran a half marathon and my daughters were so proud as I crossed the finish line that it makes me tearful just to think of their faces.


    I am a Runner, full stop.”

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