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Covid19 (Coronavirus) Update - 23rd March

I am writing with an update after 2 weeks of what can only be described as sheer hell for us all, and for much of the world. Apologies for the lengthy message, but...well having had the opportunity to now draw breath and meet as a team, there quite a few things I need to let you know about!

Firstly - and this will come as no great surprise - but I wanted to let you know just how much we value our team at HQ, they are literally the bees knees, and we wouldn't exist without all their hard work behind the scenes. They have done the most incredible job over the past couple of weeks keeping the wheels of TMR turning and so I'm sure you'll share me in thanking them.

It goes without saying that Jo and I will be doing all we can to protect their jobs, to keep paying them and to keep them safe. This includes amongst many other things, working from home (obvs) and totally flexible working hours to fit around the chaos of having our kids at home full time. Zoom calls in PJs are already up and running ;-) We'll also be rejigging roles and responsibilities a bit so that we're all working on the things that are most important to us now, and in the coming months when we emerge from this.

Part of this has meant a tough decision taken today - actually the only decision under the circumstances - to stop deliveries from the TMR warehouse from tomorrow.

Whilst there are stringent cleaning processes in place, the chain of contact involved in opening the warehouse, accessing our stock, interacting with the staff there and requiring Royal Mail to carry out daily collections - carries too much risk for everyone involved given current guidance.

However, the shelves are fully stocked and the store will remain open to orders. Free shipping will be as standard on ALL orders and orders will be shipped as soon as it is safe to do so.

I do hope you continue to support the store by ordering goodies for yourself - or for your friends and loved ones - as God knows we will need them when we are allowed to run freely and safely together again. The TMR shop is critical to our survival, so we are grateful for your continued support 🙏

Which brings us onto our main priority in surviving this crisis intact - you lot, our wonderful community.

ALL the planning we have done as a team over the past few weeks *(and in fact, always do) is about how we support you best and how we make our programmes available more widely - and this will be in a number of ways over the next few weeks:

Supporting you to stay as active, sane and connected as possible - always our number one goal, but in the absence of social runs and in the presence of so much stress, we'll be trying some different things to support you over the coming weeks

We will also be launching the TMR APP VERY soon - more on that in the next few days

We are also already working hard on plans to find ways to support Mums more widely with access to official guidance and information, ideas and resources to help with our kids, pathways to volunteering, and support around employment plus a heap of other stuff we hope will keep Mums empowered, informed, healthy and happy beyond this current crisis.

You'll see some of this information already in the "Units" we've added to the group - do check them out, theres some super helpful stuff in there already! We have loads of ideas, but we'll be asking you what you need too over the coming days.

In return we have some simple asks of you:

The integrity, kindness and support in this community has always been something I have been endlessly proud of. In these most stressful of times, it is understandable that at times you may feel under pressure and frustrated.

However, we respectfully ask that you continue to show support, respect and kindness to your fellow community members.

Please know that we will be carefully and rigorously moderating the group during the next few weeks - even more so that ever - and will not hesitate to remove any posts or comments that are unkind, unsupportive or rude.

Please also refrain from sharing any information or posts that do not reflect the current government or NHS guidance. We're aware that things are moving very fast, there is a lot of information out there that can be confusing and its hard to keep up - so we will do our best to remove anything not verified but please also let us know if you spot anything we miss - just tag it #spam and will aim to remove it as quickly as possible

Last but not least, your safety and that of the wider community means everything. So can we ask all of you to please follow the physical distancing guidelines as rigorously as you can possibly can.

We know that you will want to stay active - and its important we do for our immune systems and our mental health - but please solo for now or stay at home if you can.

Also, if you are unwell, have had any of the symptoms of CoVid or live with anyone who has - please follow the official guidance and stay indoors for the recommended time.

Mamas, this time will pass, it will pass.

We are here for you throughout it all, and I know you are for each other too.

We will emerge from this stronger, with a clearer sense of what matters, of that I am sure.

Until then, stay safe, look after yourself and each other.

Much love,

Mel xxx

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