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Covid19 (Coronavirus) Update - 10th July

Since my last update, we've been pretty busy at HQ working on potential plans to re-open social runs..

We've now had a chance to read the guidance from Sport England for returning to "normal" activities safely (

We also listened to last night's update from Number 10 about the return of to sport and physical activity and gradual re-opening of gyms and swimming pools. There is an overview here:

So what does it all mean for us?

I'm sure it will reassure you to know that we are approaching any potential re-open extremely cautiously. Your safety and that of the general public is our priority.

Whilst we are as keen as you are to be able to run together again, we're not quite there yet - and before we do there are 3 things that MUST be in place:

1. Full risk assessments for all runs

2. Additional training for Run Angels

3. A runner registration system to enable us to manage/limit numbers and track who has attended each run.

It'll mean some changes to how we used to do things, but I am sure you will support them as they are vital to ensure your safety.

In addition to our Run30 App, we are looking at potential plans for runs at different times of the day, continuing our virtual classes and new initiatives to support anyone unable to join a TMR run.

Safety and a sustainable programme of activities that enables us to keep supporting you all to stay physically active, connected to each other and mentally well are our ultimate goals.

Thank you for your patience as we work through all of this. If you have any other questions you can contact me on - and if there are loads, I'd be happy to arrange a Live Q&A in the next couple of weeks to answer them all.

If you have any immediate thoughts or comments (or just want to say hi!), pop them in the comments below.

Otherwise just- a HUGE thank you for all you guys do every day to continue to make this such a wonderful community, you really are amazing.

Lots of love,

Mel xxx

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