join our Area coordinator team



    Area Coordinators support communities and Run Angel teams, making runs in local communities possible each week for our members.

    Within each of our Facebook community groups are our individual local communities - all supported by these awesome volunteers!




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  • communities within our tmr groups

    We have 25+ Facebook city groups with 65+ local communities across them.


    We support our members across the world, bring local members together in friendship and make our runs accessible at a local community level! 

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  • the area coordinator role


    "running friends make the good runs better and the hard runs easier" 

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    Area Coordinator DNA

    TMR Area Coordinators love running, organising events and helping women in their groups feel confident in their running journey. They are team players and believe in supporting TMR volunteers in their roles.

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    Training & Support

    Support in planning runs, recruiting Run Angels teams and making sure you have all the help and info you need to lead runs and and support women in your run community is what we're here for. All Area Coordinators are also trained as Run Angels through TMR.


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    Area Coordinator


    • Support the Community Leader team 
    • Manage Run Angel teams
    • Engage and share in your group
    • Share run info and updates
    • Recruit Run Angels teams 
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    Time & Commitment

    As Run Angels, Area Coordinators must be able to commit to a min of 1 run a month.

    As they'll also be managing Run Angel teams, scheduling runs and rotas and sharing information to engage members, about 1 hour a week is needed for this role.

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    Team Spirit

    Working with Community Leaders and supporting Run Angels is why AC's are so important to our teams, especially as the group and run community grows. You'll soon find yourself surrounded by a team of Coordinators, all working together to make runs thrive in your city!

  • Become a TMR Area Coordinator

    Learn about the role, our training process and how we'll be supporting you every step of the way.


    What's Involved

    Learn about the role, commitment and what you'll need to coordinate runs in one of our TMR communities.



    If you're ready to support and coordinate runs and local volunteer teams, apply to become an Area Coordinator.


    Training Process

    If your application is successful, we'll provide you with support to help you get setup and grow your team.