• Social Runs

    Your Time, Your Space, Your Pace.

    Free and friendly women's only runs

    Our weekly runs are about time for you in the hectic-ness of life.


    We offer up to three different runs of varying lengths twice a week at the same time. Our runs are planned around time not distance. You can choose between 30, 45 or 60 minutes. They are for all abilities*, pace is not important and we use a looping system to make sure that no one gets left behind.


    Runs are led by one of our brilliant Run Angels, a local Mum who has received training from us in order to lead our runs. We always plan the runs to take place at family friendly times as we know all too well how difficult it can be to even get out of the house!


    These runs provide the perfect opportunity to park your home life at the front door (as much as we love it, sometimes it’s a welcome treat to have some time away!), meet some locals Mamas and enjoy some headspace.


    Depending on location, runs take place on:

    • Wednesdays at 7.30pm
    • Sundays at 8am

    Runs are offered from a growing number of locations across BRISTOL and BATH and will be launched in LONDON soon.


    Keep reading to check out the TMR Running Pledge.....


    * While all abilities are very welcome, we do ask that you are comfortable running for 30 minutes. We have courses available to help you with this if you are a beginner or want to build your confidence before joining a run.

    Not in your area?

    We are expanding fast, so will hopefully be in your area soon! Complete the form below to hear about all all things TMR and get updates on our new locations.



  • TMR Pledge

    Our community is about freedom so we don't want loads of rules. But there is a TMR way that we're proud of. It's what keeps people coming back. So this pledge is what binds all the women who come to our runs together, in one big happy family.

    We Are Family

    If you are looking for a competitive ‘running club’ then This Mum Runs is not for you. We are a community and a family. We are about empowering others not being faster than each other. We support one another and stick together. We are our own biggest cheerleaders and the proudest of Mums. We celebrate each other’s achievements as if they are our own. #WeAreTMR.

    We Run Rings

    We welcome all abilities* and we run to time not pace. We love helping everyone to have the run they want. So we run in loops. Not to make ourselves dizzy, but to help keep the group tight. Faster ones can run ahead and around, cocooning the slower ones in running love. Like a beautiful running dance. Or something. Whatever it is, we take pride in it because it means we never leave anyone behind. Looping is what we do, embrace da loop.

    We Share The Love

    There is not enough love in the world for our Run Angels, they are the stars of the TMR show. When they volunteer to lead a run, they are doing the most unselfish of things; making it your run not theirs. And that is their precious gift to you. Treasure it. Be on Time. Listen to them. Warm Up. Work with them to keep the group as one. Let them know if you leave early (or they will worry about you). Show them the love.

    Be a Friend

    We’ve all been the new girl and yes, sometimes it sucks. Not with us though. So say hello if you see someone new to the group - a smile and lovely welcome makes them feel at home. Buddy up with someone different each week and you’ll make someone’s week. You never know how much courage it might have taken someone to just turn up. Soon you'll all have a wonderful new circle of friends to run with. What could be better than that?

    We Love a Good Selfie

    We run for headspace, friendship and fun. Our runs are as much about seeing the sights of our cities and towns and taking a cheeky selfie as they are about the run itself. So we run, but we run at the speed of chat. And if we see a good spot, we’ll always stop for a pic. Which we’ll share when we get home. Not only is it proof of smug points, it will give others a little nudge to get off the sofa and out the door. Win Win.

    It’s not All the Gear but Some Gear is Good

    Come dressed to run. Nothing fancy is needed but cushioned trainers and a decent sports bra will protect all your assets. We've got some lovely stuff in our store too if you want to kit yourself out in the basics. Leave your headphones at home because it’s safer without and we love to chat.

    We Give Back

    We are a 'karma community', we give more than we take. If you love what we do and want to give back, we’d love you to join our Run Angel team. Full training and a whole lotta love are available in return. If you'd like to get involved, then please get in touch

    * While all abilities are very welcome, we do ask that you are comfortable running for 30 minutes. We have courses available to help you with this if you are a beginner or want to build your confidence before joining a run.

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