• Run 20

    A gentle introduction to running for the over 55s

    A gentle introduction to running for the over 55s or anyone looking for a slower introduction to running.

    This newly designed course is especially for women aged 50+ who may never have run before (or not for a while) and would love to give it a go. A gentler pace than our Run30, our walk-run programme builds very gradually from 30 seconds of running to 20 minutes by the end of our 8 weeks together. Meet other women to walk and run with in your local area too!


    What you can expect from our Run 20 programme
    Firstly, we’ll start off gently just running a minute at a time, then week-on-week we’ll gradually build up until you are running non-stop for 20 minutes without even realising it!
    What this means for you:-

    • It’s been expertly devised by running expert Mel Bound with the input of over 1600 Mums
    • Runs have been planned at times of the day to suit Mums
    • There are lots of locations to ensure that you can run with local Mums
    • You’ll be running in well-lit and flat locations and is structured so that nobody is at the back
    • A 1 hour coached session with a TMR qualified Runmaker each week
    • 2 x homework sessions to do with the rest of your group or on your own each week
    • Ongoing support and encouragement through the brilliant This Mum Runs Facebook community of lovely Mums
    • An 8 week training programme for just £5 a week

    Fancy joining us?

    You can book via our shop using the button below, or if if you have any questions please get in touch.

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