• Our Story

    "TMR was a happy accident"

    It started one damp night in November 2014, when Mum of two, Mel Bound, put a desperate shout out for a running buddy on Facebook. With two kids under 5, a busy job, and long commute, any hope of time to herself, let alone to exercise, seemed lost and she wanted (needed) to Sort. It. Out


    Turns out lots of women felt the same. From that one Facebook post, 75 Mums turned up to run with Mel. Hundreds came the following week and This Mum Runs was born.


    Two years later, an innocent 'aaaagh I'm an out of shape Mum' post has turned into a full time job and a multifaceted community with global dreams - offering hundreds of free runs a month, a growing programme of coaching and courses, a specially trained team of coaches (Run Makers) and volunteers (Run Angels) and a fab range of running gear for Mums and kids.


    Our dreams are big ones; empowering Mums everywhere to make time for themselves, to be healthier and happier.


    Our philosophy is simple; If you run to how you feel, because of how it makes you feel, running is for everyone.


    We are all shapes and sizes. We are 25 and we are 65. We are fast, we are slow, we love the chat and we love the peace.


    We run for the hell of it, for headspace, for new friendships and for ourselves.


    We'd love you to join us.

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