#She Means Business

    From a single Facebook post to find a running buddy, to a community of 25,000 women...watch the inspiring story of This Mum Runs.

  • With thousands of runners and growing daily,

    This Mum Runs is a community of women on a mission to be happier and healthier.


    We're all busy Mums juggling school runs and packed diaries and stressful meetings and bedtime chaos. But listen up.


    Locking ourselves in the loo for 5 minutes is not time out. Going to the supermarket for a loaf of bread does not count as 'me time'.


    So we run. For headspace. To feel as free as a bird for 30 blissful minutes (or 45 or 60).


    We run at the speed of chat. We run for the joy of exploring our cities and towns without a buggy in tow. We run to rediscover our old selves and to do something new that is Just. For. Us.


    We're a community, a family and a force for good. We are empowering women around the world. And we'd love you to join us.

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  • "I feel part of a brilliant initiative that encourages women to get fit and get some headspace. The sense of community and commitment to each other has blown me away. I feel enormously proud to be part of this group"

  • Social Runs

    Friendly, Inclusive, Local and Free


    We inspire thousands of Mums every week to join our free women's only runs.


    We run 52 weeks a year, in rain (often) or shine (rarely). You'll need to feel comfortable running for 30 minutes (and we have longer runs too) but pace doesn't matter and no one will be left behind.


    All runs are led by our cheery team of Run Angels, with a welcoming hello, routes pre planned and warm ups taken care of - all you need to do is get your trainers on and turn up.


    What are you waiting for?

  • #SheMeansBusiness - The TMR story

    This Mum Runs are ambassadors for Facebook’s global campaign She Means Business that aims to get more women to follow their dreams and set up their own businesses. Here is the film they made telling our story.

  • Courses and Coaching

    "When I told my very sporty husband that TMR's Run30 course started by building up from 1 minute running he actually laughed at me. It's precisely this attitude which means TMR needs to exist"

    Whether you're a total beginner or you can already struggle around a couple of miles but are wondering how to take the next step we have a coached programme for you.


    Our courses have been designed by our Head Coach and Founder, Mel Bound - a Mum of two, armed with a drawer full of qualifications in sports science and coaching and a lifetime in running.


    Our team of qualified'Run Makers' are local Mums too (not an 80s tracksuit or clipboard in sight).


    Courses are based on time not distance because we care about everyone achieving their goals - with thousands of graduates in the last 12 months we know we have the formula right.


    Click below to find the right course for you.


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